What Areas do you specialize in?

I specialize in any area located within Mercer, Burlington, Monmouth, & Ocean Counties.

How were your home sales in 2017?

I did 8 million in sales in 2017.

How many homes have you built as General Contractor?

I have built a total of 7 homes over the years.

Are all commissions negotiable in NJ?

Yes, in NJ commissions are always negotiable.

If I fill out a form how long will it take to be contacted?

I contact all potential clients as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

Where is your Remax office located?

I am located at the Hamilton Square Remax Office.

How long have you been involved in Real Estate?

I’ve been heavily involved in Real Estate for 30 years as an agent, builder, and Investor.

What is included in the free market analysis?

That depends on your individual needs as a buyer or seller.